Scott Bonner

Carry Lookup


  • Independent

  • Sept 2014 - Sept 2017

Carry Lookup was a PHP/Laravel/Bootstrap base web application designed to help people with a concealed carry license to see if a business allowed them to carry before they went. This was designed to allow them to make a choice if they wanted to go, or possibly leave their firearm at home.

The goal was two fold. First to help promote the second amendment and allow people to spend their money where firearms were allowed. Second it was to reduce the amount of firearms being stolen from cars at "Gun Free Zones" by informing the user.

This site was shut down when as the motivation to push it to success really wasn't there, and the profit model was sketchy. So while it was  a labor of love the profit potential was low even with a mobile app in app stores it wasn't a big enough venture for my liking but it was fun to build.