Scott Bonner

Diabetic Journal, LLC


  • Diabetic Journal, LLC

  • Jan 2010 - Dec 2013

This solopreneur venture was derived by my own struggle in managing diabetes. I built a SaaS application that allowed users to sign up for an account, track their medical stats like Blood sugar, medicines, Food, etc and the application would then provide them with PDF based reports that showed them what was going on with their stats and tried to show them trends like the times of the day that were an issue etc.

As the project evolved I took on a overseas developer for about a year who helped me in my push to create a community. In this case I centered the initial functionality around recipes.

Users could enter in recipes and it would calculate the nutritional labels as the sum of the parts. Then those food could be more accurately logged beyond the USDA food label database entered in the system.

While the app at it's peak had a few thousand users, it wasn't the stellar success I was looking for. The lession's learned from this venture were numerous. The biggest one was the need for premarketing before building.

Had I done a better job learning the market upfront I would have realized I was building a digital gym. This means a lot of good intentions but low follow thru. While the app changed some people's lives most signed up and left a month of two later. So a high churn and low customer lifetime value.

Had this been recognized upfront then the technology could have been shifted to focus on motivating the person to care for themselves. That would have been a more successful app. Also as time went by and cellphones became the big thing I didn't have interest in keeping it up to date so I didn't build a mobile app.

Now the market is pretty saturated with mobile apps that do what I offered and more. So the application has been shut down, mostly due to lack of interest in maintaining or progressing it.