Scott Bonner

Local Gun List, LLC


  • Local Gun List, LLC

  • Mar 2011 - Jan 2013

Fueled by a shared passion for firearms, and a perceived market opportunity I worked along side my partner Nick Fama to build a business around enabling people to connect with other firearms lovers and swap or sell their firearms in private sale capacity.

At the time the major players in this market where Armslist and Neither site had a very elaborate system and we felt we could capitalize on the market by building a custom PHP app that added new features searching for firearms by a mile radius and better search and filter systems.

I focused primarily on building the system and Nick focused on marketing the system. Each of us having input on on both sides. While we had superior technology at the time (later armslist integrated all the things we did) we were stuck in what I term the "chicken and egg syndrome" You need either users or posts in order to get the system going. To get users you need posts for them to look at, and for posts we needed users so people wanted to post.

Ultimately about the time that armlist came under fire with lawsuits holding them accountable for firearms purchased on the platform used in a murder we decided it was time to stop this venture as there were too many liabilities. While everything done was in accordance with law we didn't want to get wrapped up in the courts.

While it never came to light our vision for this platform was to connect with dealers and get their inventory online and help them provide systems in store to enable commerce online. Then to expand to other markets like motorcycles (a passion of Nicks) however we never realized that potential in the project and moved on.