Scott Bonner



  • Independent

  • May 2012 - Dec 2013

This project was founded by myself and Nick Fama. It was a social network designed for cosplayers. While at Ohayocon we decided that this would be an interesting business idea it was obviously a very passionate community.

The social network was being setup as a marketing tool to collect a user base and later on to start our own conventions. We took on a 3rd partner who had connections in the anime industry and have been involved in creating and growing a lot of conventions.

When the beta site launched we were able to grow at lightspeed. Nick attracted over a thousand legit users within a few months. As we kept growing we hit a problem with speed due to the one crappy server I had at a data center couldn't handle the concurrent load.

We devised doing a kickstarter campaign to try to finance better gear. At this point we started leaning on the 3rd person to use his contacts to come up with giveaways for the kickstarter and possibly a Q & A session with some voice actor celebrities. It became very evident that he wasn't in the game quickly. So we just tried to ride out the server problems.

Growth slowed with the speed of the site. We tried sending marketing materials with our 3rd as he was involved in most of the conventions and could easily put the items on the free swag tables and jump the site more. However he repeatedly forgot them.

About this time Nick and I started losing interest in the project as starting conventions were the monetization structure and the site was a loss leader. Then one night we had a multiple server catastrophic failure where our main server's level 5 raid had 2 drive die at the same time, and the machine the backups has failed up shortly before that.

We were barrowing talent from people everywhere to make all this happen as there were no budgets other then what we could scrap up. As a result a friend who was a linux expert was able to recover the site and it's contents but it took a while to get a new server in place.

By that time we lost the faith of the users. First with slowness now with the really long outage. So as a result the project was dead from natural causes.