Scott Bonner



Schools, degrees, and other continuing education

Otterbein College

Bachelors of Arts

Double Majored in Computer Science and Visual Communication (Graphic Design). The equivalent of two degrees at once.

Thomas Worthington High School

High School

Beyond the normal class load, I took classes in C++ Programming, CAD, and Drafting.

Awards & Publications

These are books, magazine, awards or other publications my work has appeared in.

February 28, 2013

Candypreneur: Freedom Bought in Quarters

Wrote an ebook available on Amazon about my experience running a small bulk candy vending operation. The content was based off my blog

Link: Amazon, Microsite
Skills: Writing, Graphic Design, Marketing


One Show Interactive Bronze Award

The award was given to Resource for the work we did on the Express Fashion website. The entire team, including me, were recognized for this work. This award was given by "The One Club for Art and Copy" out of New York.

Link: One Show Archive, File

Feb 1999


MacDrumset, a simple drumming app was included on the shareware cd provided with the magazine.

Feb 1999

BBS in a Box, Volume 25

MacDrumset was included in a shareware cd-rom that was bought primarily for people who were running Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and wanted shareware for download.

Jan 1999

Mac 100% (Japanese Magazine)

MacDrumset was included on the shareware disc that was the companion to their magazine. They also put a small little article in the magazine about it.


Here is my Entrepreneurial Career aside from my work career. These are businesses I have built, run, sold, or shutdown.

Jan 2014 - Current

Excention, LLC

Independent Consulting, and Software Development.

Jan 2010 - Dec 2013

Diabetic Journal, LLC

Online SaaS software for managing diabetes. A social community that allowed people to track their blood sugars, share recipes and communicate with their doctors.

Skills: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Graphic Design, Java, JQuery, Javascript, and more.

Mar 2011 - Jan 2013

Local Gun List, LLC

Online classified ads for people looking to buy or sell firearm related items.

Partner: Nick Fama (Marketer)
Skills: Entrepreneurship, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and more

Jun 2010 - Jun 2013


Created a small bulk candy vending route and learned about the business mechanics of the vending industry. Started a blog to share what I learned, and wrote a book. Sold my route and moved on with other venture. The blog and book still exist and generate residuals.

Skills: Entrepreneurship, WordPress, Writing, Marketing, etc

July 1999 - July 2004

Outer Region Software

Originally JeffScott Development, We developed Macintosh based Shareware applications and Games.

Partner: Jeffery Walker (Co-developer)
Skills: Graphic Design, C/C++

Work Experience

Here are the many companies I have worked for either as either an Employee or an hourly based Contractor.

Aug 2017 - Current
MovePoint Software

Tech Advisor

Acting more as a coach, I take on the roles of a BA, PM, Scrum Master, and Developer Mentor. Introduced Agile Methodologies, educated developers on newer technologies, guiding the team through a major refactor into a microservice based platform, and setting a new course to help grow the business.

Skills: Coaching, BA, PM, Agile, Scrum, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Graphic Design, Marketing

Feb 2015 - Current


Worked on the Everyday Math 4 Product, Music Studio, Engrade, and build custom Javascript/Angular based UI Components used throughout the entire company.

Skills Used: PHP, JavaScript, Angular, Java, and more.

Nov 2014 - Current
Fusion Alliance


Quick solutions merged into Fusion Alliance, Placed at Columbus Library, and McGraw-Hill.

Oct 2013 - Jan 2015
Columbus Metropolitan Library


Built software their Homework Help Center, Reading Buddies, Location lookup rest services, Rebuilt their Apache and MySQL web architecture, Helped Migrate Web site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7.

Skills: PHP, Laravel, Drupal, HTTPD, MYSQL, Linux, MSSQL, Bootstrap, and more

Oct 2013 - Oct 2014
Quick Solutions


Consultant Placed at Columbus Library, Quick Solutions Merged with Fusion Alliance October 31, 2014.

2006 - Oct 2013
MovePoint Software / Leaders Moving & Storage

Senior Java Developer

Developed MovePoint SaaS Software, managed a team of 7 people in all areas of the business.

Skills: Java, Tomcat, PHP, Javascript, Marketing, Business, and much more.

2004 - 2006
bRight Software

Java Developer

Contracted At MovePoint Software, also developed the logo and branding for the company

Skills: Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS


Graphic Designer

Did graphic design work for a local small business selling supplies for the Life Sciences.

Skills: Graphic Design, Print Design, Photoshop, Illustrator

1998 - 2004
Resource Interactive


Web development for brands such as HP, Victoria Secret, Limited Brands, Rahal, MacTools, Wendy's, Burton Snowboards, Wexner Arts and Many more.

Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, ASP, PERL, and More

2002 - 2003


Built Sites for multiple clients such as Casto Communities

Skills: ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS



Worked with the marketing department to revamp their website using Merant Collage as a CMS system.

Skills: Merant Collage, HTML, Javascript, CSS

ABOT Productions


Used Macromedia Director to produce a Multimedia CD-ROM for BankOne to be distributed out to their shareholders.

Skills: Macromedia Director, Lingo


These projects are a mix of fixed bit client work, independent ventures, or projects for some of the companies listed in my businesses timeline.

May 2018 - Current


Online Journal of my MetaPhysical and Spiritual Journey. As I dive more into the world of energy healing and mediation I present the reader with drawings of what I have experienced and a breakdown of the lessons I have learned.

Skills: WordPress, Writing, Drawing, Graphic Design

Sept 2017 - Current

Build My Halloween

Online blog and Amazon Affiliate store geared towards people wanting to celebrate Halloween.

Skills: WordPress, Outsourcing, PHP, Graphic Design, and more

May 2017 - Current


Creating a new Point of sale software for the Video Game and collectible card game industry.

Nov 2014 - Current

Build My Christmas

Online Blog and amazon affiliate store that helps people find new ideas and themes to decorate for Christmas.

Skills: WordPress, PHP, Graphic Design, and more

Dec 2012 - Current

Last Minute Prepper

Created, wrote for and managed a blog about survival and preparedness. Also includes an Amazon Affiliate Store Component.

Skills: WordPress, Outsourcing, Writing, Graphic Design, SEO, and more.

Jan 2015 - Mar 2017

Happy Cat HQ

An Amazon Affiliate store the curates items for cat lovers.

Sept 2014 - Sept 2017
Web App

Carry Lookup

Web application to enabled people with concealed carry permits to search and record any shops, restaurants, or businesses that prevented people from carrying a firearm. This allowed them to avoid anti-gun businesses in the interest of not having to leave their gun in the car.

Skills: Laravel, PHP, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Graphic Design

Dec 2014 - Dec 2016

Shop Fishing Tackle

Design & Developed an Online Amazon Affiliate store geared to fishers.

Skills: WordPress, PHP, Graphic Design, Branding, and more

Oct 2013

UGA Games

Built a wordpress site for a brand new local video game store, UGA Games. Provided Tech and business guidance on marketing strategies. Occasionally support site when issue arise.

Skills: WordPress, Graphic Design

Aug 2013 - Oct 2013


Built a Custom Web App to allow OhioIX and their users to manage IP address ASNs within the network.

Skills: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design

Mar 2013


Designed a brand, Created a wordpress online store for morbidFX a haunted house prop and makeup company to sell their products and book gigs.

Skills: WordPress, Graphic Design, Branding

May 2012 - Dec 2013


Built an online social network for People into cosplay and anime. This site was a marketing effort for a bigger play in which we would start some conventions based off user base.

Partner: Nick Fama (marketer)
Skills: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design

Mar 2012 - Dec 2013

Zaboa Entertainment Network

Created a network of Photo blog sites and online games that acted as a distraction for users. At peak had 200k Visits per month.

Skills: WordPress, Graphic Design

Mar 2012

Dakusi Consulting

Created a custom logo and business card.

Skills: Graphic Design, Logo Design

Feb 2012

Nick Fama

Created a logo and website for Nick Fama's Marketing and consulting business.

Skills: WordPress, Graphic Design

Jan 2012


Logo Design, and wordpress blog setup

Skills: WordPress, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Dec 2011

Insight Coaching and Consulting

Custom Logo and Business card for an executive and marriage coaching business.

Skills: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print Design

Dec 2011

MulePack Consulting

Created a custom logo, business card, and website for a computer network consulting company.

Skills: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, WordPress

Dec 2011 - Feb 2012

Moving Business Network

Setup a blog about the moving industry as a marketing effort for MovePoint Software. Wrote the initial article, designed the logo, marketing the site, did the SEO, created email funnels, etc.

Skills: Marketing, WordPress, Design, SEO, Writing

Dec 2011 - Feb 2012

Lifestreams International

Designed and developed a new website using WordPress for lifestreams international and vectorized their logo.

Dec 2011 - Mar 2012


Pre-marketing for a potential web based todo application. Developed a WordPress site and did pre-marketing trying to get a following for the app and see if it was a viable project.

Apr 2008 - Jan 2009

Bins Mobile Storage

Created a custom ordering process for their business and integrated it with MovePoint Software so online ordering would flow directly into their software.

Skills: PHP, Javascript, MySQL, more

Jan 2006 - Jan 2010
Web App


Built a custom web application to database video games and offer users reviews about the game. The system was slanted towards retro gaming. I built the site and added content for a lot of systems.

Partner: Jace Martin
Reviewers: Heather Kiley, Tobias Stecker
Skills: PHP, MySQL, Graphic Design, etc

2005 - 2006

The Mascot Organization

Built a custom PHP application to allow then to track their talent and search for people close to specific zip codes for assignments. Also created a client portal that allowed their clients to login and see who they had available.

Skills: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS


Windsor Consulting

Custom logo for Windsor Consulting

Skills: Graphic Design


Yard Solutions

Converted a web site design into an actual site.

Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS


bRight Software

Created a logo and custom website for bRight Software. The Company I was contracting through while at MovePoint Software.

Skills: Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


World of Warcraft Beta Testing

Took part in the public beta testing of World of Warcraft.

Skills: QA


Westerville Symphonies

Won a design contest beating out all the other graphic designers in my college class. As the winner my design was featured for the 2003-2004 season program, T-shirt, tickets and more.

Skills: Print Design


Neocron Beta 3

Participated in a private 3 wave of beta testing of the MMORPG called Neocron. Found and reported several bugs.

Skills: QA



With Jeffrey Walker, we wrote the only official release from Outer Region Software. It was a tile based puzzle game similar to a game called Lights Out. Music was done by John Garrett, Initial Graphics were done my James Westbrooks, revised by me later. Ran on Mac OS 9 and later the first versions of OS 10.

Skills: Macintosh Development, C++, Graphic Design

1999 - 2003

Aikido of Columbus

Designed and maintained multiple versions of the Aikido of Columbus web site.

Skills: PHP, HTML, JavaScript


Damage Incorporated Beta Tester

Helped test the 1.2 update to the macintosh game. Found and even diagnosed a bug for them related to their cheat codes. Received recognition in their update notes.

Links: Original, Mirror
Skills: QA



Wrote a simple Mac App that turned your keyboard into a realtime drum kit. It allowed the user to bang on the letters and number pad so they could essentially drum out a beat via the computer. It was included in multiple magazines and had more then a million download between tucows and before they reset their counters sometime in the 2000s. It was freeware but was the first of it's kind.